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The hotel on Vasilyevsky in St.Petersburg

The hotel «Prestige on Vasilyevsky island» is a two-star hotel with comfortable rooms by reasonable price in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s very convenient for business and tourist trips. It’s situated in the historical part of Saint-Petersburg on Vasilyevsky island. There are two metro stations (Vasilyostrovskaya, Sportivnaya-2) in a 10 minute walk way as well as the exposition complexes, the center of science and technical information Progress (CSTI Progress), Lenexpo, the institute «Imaton», business school «Samolov and Samolova».

Advantages of the hotel

  • Not far from the metro station in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg
  • it’s next to the places of study, seminars and the exposition complex Lenexpo on Vasilyevsky island
  • WiFi and landline phone. The tasty breakfast waits for you in the cozy hall every morning
  • 9 rooms (1 class and Junior Suit)
  • The separate building with parking
  • the transfer of comfort-class to the hotel by the own hotel transport


In the historical part of Vasilyevsky island, the central district of Saint-Petersburg, not far from the metro stations «Sportivnaya 2» and «Vasileostrovskaya».

During 5-10 minutes you can get to the study centers such as the center of science and technical information Progress (CSTI Progress). There are departments of Saint-Petersburg state university, the study center Confact, the clinic of the international center of reproductive medicine ICRM, the exposition complex Lenexpo.

Within walking distance of the hotel there is Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns, Universitetskaya embankment, Menshikov Palace and Palace bridge; you can pass it over and find yourself next to the Hermitage and Palace square.


In the hotel the rooms of different comfort level are available for you: economy and cheap, standard, comfortable with Jacuzzi and a kitchen. The furniture of the rooms is kept in the best traditions of mini hotels in Saint-Petersburg. Every room is equipped with all necessary things for comfort living during your vacations or your business trip. There is a comfortable bed, modern sanitary engineering, a TV-set, the high-speed Internet, the landline phone. You may take extra breakfast with hot dishes. The cost of your living includes tea, coffee, cookies, fruit during the day. The modern fire system, security and safes will guarantee the safety for you and your possession during your stay.

Service and value-added services

The hotel staff is always glad to answer all your questions. At the booking time as well as the time of rest you can order the transfer to the station and to the airport of Saint-Petersburg, transport service, excursions around the city and the suburbs; you can rent a car with a driver.

There is the visa support for the foreign guests. To get a single-entry visa up to 30 days you need to send the request by fax or e-mail in advance. The service is provided after getting the arrival guarantee based on the completed application and the copy of the passport.

All foreign guests need to go through the compulsory registration of their migration cards at the Federal Migration Service of Russia, the arrival notice will be given after.

Besides, you can order tickets for any kind of transport, book the seats in the theater or a table in a restaurant. The receptionist will be glad to tell you where you can take an interesting excursion or guide you around the city.

The trip to Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Saint-Petersburg is situated in the estuary of the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic sea. In addition to the main part on the land the city consists of more than 30 islands, the biggest one is Vasilyevsky Island. It’s interesting to know that Saint-Petersburg’s informal name is North Venice for its similarity to the Italian city and the great number of rivers and canals.

One of the location features is the White nights. In a period of May 26 to July 16 the evening twilight changes to the morning one. The top of this period (from June 11 to July 2) is the most popular touristic time. In spite of Saint-Petersburg is not the only place where you can see this phenomenon it’s the visiting card of our city. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to our city to enjoy the beauty of architectural ensembles and to walk about the granite embankments of the Neva river so highly loved by great poets and artists. There are so many places to see than every guest want to come back to Saint-Petersburg.

Every evening hundreds of restaurants and night clubs for any taste are ready show the Saint-Petersburg’s high life and share the festive atmosphere of non-sleeping city.

Saint-Petersburg is one of the most important business centers in Russia as well as the capital. The biggest companies of world-famous brands choose this famous city for representative offices that’s why people who come to Saint-Petersburg have business and touristic trips both.

The hotel on Vasilyevsky island is the perfect place for accommodation independently of the purposes of coming. The cozy room, careful staff and the convenient location will minimize your effort about the rest organization during your coming.

The great attention is given to the couples who decide to have a family and celebrate this event at our hotel. Prestige on Vasilyevsky island offers the special service for newly-married which includes a number of extra services. The trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world, to Saint-Petersburg, will give you many positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

The hotel on Vasilyevsky island is a comfortable cheap mini-hotel at the historical city center next to Vasilyostrovskaya metro station. The hotel is situated not far from the study centers and the exposition center in Saint-Petersburg. By its location and price the hotel is chosen for business and private trips and trips for studying in Saint-Petersburg.

To book the cozy room at the hotel on Vasilyevsky island you need to fill the request in «Booking» or call to the hotel reception.

Call and book profitably!